“Ask me questions…”

Tonight, like many nights, Will was stalling at bedtime. He has a variety of clever excuses that he routinely uses to keep us around for a few more minutes.  He often appears at the top of the stairs and we head up to see what his latest request is, even though he has already gone through all of his normal bedtime rituals.  Many times he wants you to lay in the bed with him for just a “few more minutes.” Or he wants a drink of water, or has to go “pee pee.” Tonight he wanted to say his prayer(again) and “ask questions.” He wanted me to ask him questions. I asked him “why is the sun yellow and bright?” He replied “the sun is yellow because Jesus or God of the United States of America painted it that color. That is why it is yellow.”   Then I asked “how do you paint?” He replied “you set up your easel, and dip you brushes, and mix the the paint and if you want to paint a nice dinosaur or t-rex for your dad or a unicorn for your mom with a beautiful princess on top, then you do it.” I. LOVE. HIM. XXOO


Rock Star

“You’re a rock star, Dad.”

Not something I normally say to Will (not sure where he got this), but that’s what he told me at breakfast yesterday.  Last night at dinner, I asked him about it again and he said and told him he was a rock star.

His reply:

“I could never be a rock star without you.”


Bedtime Funnies

Danielle worked today – the first of two in a row for her weekend shifts.  Will, Phoebe and I started our day at the farmer’s market getting the usual:

  • Strawberries
  • Apples + almonds
  • Oranges
  • Kale + spinach

We followed that with a quick car wash, back home for snacks (lunch) and naps.  Then it was off to the new Alga Norte Park for an hour and a half before breakfast-for-dinner (BFD) at IHOP.  Will wanted pancakes.

A late bedtime meant that Will was still awake when Danielle got home.

Funny: he grabbed her eyelids and pulled them up, putting his face close to hers.  With his eyes wide, he said, “You look like a woman!”  This is all in the dark of his room with only a nightlight.  Kid is pretty funny.

San Diego Housing Market Update: It’s Been a Good Year

The numbers are up! Here’s the latest news on the San Diego Real Estate market, brought to you by the San Diego Association of Realtors, hosted by George Chamberlin, Executive Editor of The Daily Transcript and Donna Sanfilippo, President of SDAR.

Key highlights include a 20%+ increase year over year in single family attached (condos / townhomes) and a 16%+ increase in single family detached homes.

If you’re still on the fence about buying, think about getting in before mortgage rates start to rise and prices go up even further.  Give me a ring if you need help searching for a home in San Diego.  Just renewed the license this past summer (8 years as a Realtor!) and I’m looking forward to 8 more.San Diego Gaslamp Sign

Which profession drinks the most coffee?

Considering that I made it 32 years without drinking coffee (6 of those were in the US Navy), and my first real cup of coffee was in Costa Rica in 2007, some might think it strange that I would post about coffee.  But I did find this one interesting.  After all, coffee drinkers do live longer, right?

With two kids and a busy job, I need coffee as much as anyone these days — and not because my profession is number two on this list.  Did your job make the list?

Graphic built by Ryoko Iwata.

Photo credit: Gizmodo