Live Band Karaoke

One of my favorite ongoing marketing success stories (and learning experiences) has been working with my band, Rock Out Karaoke.  Early in 2009, I assumed all website development responsibilities and built a new WordPress blog/website from the ground up.  This was a great experience for several reasons.  I learned how to create a website that has fresh, interesting content.  I also learned about SEO basics and how to rise to the top of organic searches (go ahead, search for “karaoke San Diego” and see if we’re there).  Finally, I learned a ton about interactive media, branding, and integrating across several platforms with consistency.

The best part of it all is that we helped build a real community around an amazing experience (really, who could ever forget taking center stage with a live rock band?).  Our community is made up of friends who know each other simply because of their love for our band.  We call them our “regulars,” and I’ll definitely take the lessons I’ve learned here and apply them to my next professional endeavor.

Our website continues to get good traffic, our YouTube channel has gotten more than 21,000 views [Editors note: since publishing, YouTube has killed our account due to copyright violations.], Twitter has grown to over 1,000 followers and we enjoy conversing with nearly 1,000 engaged fans on Facebook.  The band was named “Best Date Night” in San Diego by Red Tricycle and we’ve been on the “Best of” nightlife list on Yelp for at least 2 years.  This is just the start for us in terms of our online presence, but the learning curve for me has been steep.

Of course, if you’re looking for a wedding band in San Diego, you can’t find a more entertaining option! Give me a shout if you want to talk about booking for weddings, birthday parties, or corporate events.