101 Carlsbad Memories

Life is short, life is sweet. Remember the little things.

As we prepare for our move to the east coast, the following moments, memories, and events are listed (mainly for our benefit) in no particular order – but should all be preserved and celebrated as some of the best times of our lives together. Thanks 6337 Paseo Aspada for the memories…

  1. Visiting the ‘tot lot’ a few times during the long escrow period during the winter of 2011-2012
  2. Peacocks in the back yard that started out as a novelty, but ended up as a nuisance
  3. The Rancho Carrillo community pool
  4. Bringing Phoebe home from the hospital
  5. Walking to “school” (Kindercare)
  6. Trick-or-treating
  7. Dancing, lots of dancing
  8. Bad DJs and cliche songs from the weddings / events at Carrillo Ranch
  9. Flippin Pizza (and dance parties)
  10. Playing ball, remote controlled cars, and riding bikes in the cul-de-sac
  11. Two-year-old Will chasing two pre-teen neighbor girls on their bikes yelling, “girls, wait for meeee!”
  12. Long walks with Lilly on the trails around the neighborhood
  13. Shorter walks with a less-than-trained Scout
  14. Hosting Christmas dinners with extended family
  15. Will’s 3rd birthday party at the community clubhouse
  16. Jumping around
  17. Living room dance parties
  18. Trips around the block in the “blue car” (Mustang)
  19. The HGTV backyard remodel
  20. Reading books in the bean bag chair
  21. Miguel’s, Casa de Bandini, Garcia’s, Norte
  22. Breakfast burritos from Roberto’s
  23. Will sleeping on his floor after a failed conversion to a toddler bed
  24. La Costa Coffee Roasting
  25. Trader Joe’s oatmeal, a million trips to Sprouts
  26. Impulse purchases from Costco
  27. Beach days – South Ponto, Carlsbad Village
  28. Night swims
  29. Santa photos at the Carlsbad Outlets & Forum
  30. Phoebe’s First Steps
  31. Phoebe’s Second Birthday party
  32. In-N-Out for easy dinner
  33. Cardiff Crack on the grill
  34. Growing our own tomatoes
  35. Favorite teachers from Kindercare: Ms. Danielle, Ms. Lauren, Ms. April, Ms. Shauna
  36. Date nights down to San Diego and La Jolla
  37. Playing with Will’s train table
  38. Pool time with Joe / Beth and family followed by grilling and dinner
  39. Cruisin’ Grand
  40. Vista Farmer’s Market: strawberries, apples from Smits Orchard, local honey
  41. Driving the 101 for fun
  42. Taking the long way home (101) so the kids could sleep
  43. Sleeping in on Saturdays (just kidding, that never happened)
  44. Day trips to Disneyland & Legoland
  45. Del Mar Horse Races (& more dancing)
  46. Annual passes SD Zoo Safari Park & SD Zoo
  47. Inflatable backyard pool redefining Sunday Funday (pre-drought)
  48. Catching bugs, lizards, and snails
  49. Keeping bugs, lizards, and snails out of the house
  50. Carlsbad Half Marathon
  51. Beach runs
  52. Yard work
  53. Kids Club at 24 Hour Fitness
  54. Driveway movie night
  55. Rich and Diane visiting
  56. Babicka and Dedicek driving from Texas
  57. Visits from Paul, Johnny, Kara & Mike, Ben & Dana
  58. Running the air conditioner in November and February (but not in June)
  59. Strolling Carlsbad Village
  60. Carlsbad Flower Fields
  61. The Great Mouse-capade (“you played field hockey, didn’t you?”)
  62. Spinning vinyl records in the garage
  63. Working on Mom’s ’67 Mustang
  64. Taco Tuesdays
  65. Playing acoustic gigs at the Belching Beaver
  66. Getting a pint (or two) at Pizza Port
  67. Soapy Joe’s Car Wash
  68. Will’s first movie in the theater (Monster’s U) – Edwards Cinemas San Marcos
  69. Will’s second movie in the theater (Big Hero 6) – Edwards Cinemas San Marcos
  70. Games, movies, and Netflix on the iPad
  71. Saturday morning jam sessions
  72. Football Sundays
  73. Karate class in Carlsbad Village
  74. Don’s Country Kitchen
  75. Reading the newspaper on Saturday mornings (sometimes)
  76. CBS Sunday Morning
  77. Binge watching Breaking Bad
  78. Finishing Mad Men (started watching when we lived on Dumas)
  79. Bath time conversations
  80. Finding Nemo, Toy Story (1 and 2), Frozen
  81. Octonauts, Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street
  82. James Taylor at the Hollywood Bowl (Babi and Dedi stayed with the kids)
  83. Making movies with the GoPro
  84. Babysitters: Staci, Hannah, Danielle, Paige
  85. Alga Norte park and swimming pool
  86. Stagecoach Park
  87. Mariah’s Westwind for breakfast
  88. Eggs, tortilla, cheese, salsa, repeat
  89. Breakfast for dinner
  90. French toast for the kids
  91. Good times with the Szepes
  92. La Costa Pre-New Year’s Stay-cation
  93. Picnics in the yard
  94. Just another day at the kitchen table
  95. Sleeping with the windows open year round
  96. Great neighbors: Ginger & Mike, MS & Maria, Jose, Mike & Wa, Kevin & Martha, Mike & Tina, Jeannette and her dog Chloe, Travis & Indira, those people who we could never remember their names
  97. Toni & Wayne Kanakaris (who treat us like family)
  98. Playing with Myah, Sean, and the other neighborhood kids
  99. Sean’s dad Mike reminding us how short and precious life is
  100. Every day that we were healthy and happy
  101. Remembering that “Life is rad in Carlsbad”

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