Will the Science Guy

Will’s favorite two shows on TV these days are Wild Kratts (PBS) and Octonauts (Disney Jr.).

Wild Kratts is a great show all about animals featuring the Kratt brothers. They open with a segment that includes a live shot of a particular animal or group of animals – then it moves into an animated piece for most of the show, returning to the brothers at the end. It’s what might be called “edu-tainment” where the kids are really engrossed in the story, but they don’t realize that they’re also learning. A lot from what I can tell.

Octonauts is a Disney show about an underwater group of friends whose motto is “Explore, rescue, protect!” They talk all about the different oceans, and what lives in them. Each episode goes in-depth on a particular species of ocean life.

Because of these two shows, Will has learned a lot about wildlife. He knows the difference between predator and prey. He knows how to draw a Humboldt Squid. He can describe a zebra fish. He knows so many facts about which animal is the fastest, most powerful, strongest, most clever. While we don’t watch excessive amounts of TV, I do like the fact that these shows are grabbing his interest on some pretty fun topics.

Tonight he wanted to walk over to our community pool for a night swim. I told him it was too dark. His response: “I’m nocturnal; I’m active at night!”


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