Popular Tunes

For the benefit of everyone in the future who may read this, I’ll define Spotify: it’s a music streaming subscription service, where you can create online playlists of your favorite tunes and stream them to your phone, iPad, or computer for a fee (with no ads). I subscribe to Spotify for $10 a month, since I need to learn new tunes for Rock Out Karaoke, and I just like to have music with me at all times.

Anyway, I’ve created a playlist for Will; made up of songs that he has liked over the past couple of years. Sometimes, we’re flipping through the radio stations and he’ll ask me to stop on a particular song. Other times, he’s really quiet and will ask me at the end of a song what the name of it was. That’s usually my cue to add it to his list.

What’s interesting is the diversity of his tastes. He likes some of the high energy dance songs (Gangnam Style; I Like to Move It Move It), but he also likes to slow it down (True Colors).

Here are a few on the list currently:

Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammer
Riptide – Vance Joy (I’ll be surprised if this guy ever has more than this 2014 hit)
Love Will Keep Us Together – Captain & Tennille (don’t ask)
Drift Away – Dobie Gray
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (this one goes in and out of fashion for him)
Ho Hey – Lumineers (this was a big favorite in 2012; not so much anymore but it’s still on the list)

Phoebe likes most of this as well – and actually shows a little more of an interest in music. She loves to sing. She may turn out to be our musician someday.


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