Playing Catch Up

Obvi, we haven’t been the best about keeping this blog updated. We have tons of photos and several videos from the past several months, but we haven’t captured some of the day-to-day things that make our lives fun / interesting / exhausting / frustrating. Here are a few fun facts:

Phoebe LOVES Frozen. Anything with Elsa & Anna. She got lots of this kind of stuff for Christmas, and it hasn’t subsided. She even wants her birthday party to be Elsa & Anna themed.

Phoebe is so nice and so very sweet to everyone. She hands out random compliments (much like Will does) to adults. Things like, “I like your shirt.” Or “I like your beard.” She tells me that she’s glad I’m home a lot. Sometimes she says she doesn’t want me to go to work. Makes it hard to leave. Often times we need “one more hug and one more kiss” on the way out the door – or even after I’ve reached my car. I’m always happy to oblige. Work can wait.

Phoebe is also surprisingly great at sharing. Will is not. So if Will wants to play with one of her toys, she may refuse initially – but she will usually hand over whatever it is that he wanted after a minute or two. She is so easy going, and is really nice to her brother.


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