“Ask me questions…”

Tonight, like many nights, Will was stalling at bedtime. He has a variety of clever excuses that he routinely uses to keep us around for a few more minutes.  He often appears at the top of the stairs and we head up to see what his latest request is, even though he has already gone through all of his normal bedtime rituals.  Many times he wants you to lay in the bed with him for just a “few more minutes.” Or he wants a drink of water, or has to go “pee pee.” Tonight he wanted to say his prayer(again) and “ask questions.” He wanted me to ask him questions. I asked him “why is the sun yellow and bright?” He replied “the sun is yellow because Jesus or God of the United States of America painted it that color. That is why it is yellow.”   Then I asked “how do you paint?” He replied “you set up your easel, and dip you brushes, and mix the the paint and if you want to paint a nice dinosaur or t-rex for your dad or a unicorn for your mom with a beautiful princess on top, then you do it.” I. LOVE. HIM. XXOO


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