Happy Birthday Will!

Dear William,

As you turn two years old today, you should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far.  Similar to my post for you a year ago, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites:

  • a total of 5 trips ‘back east’, Cape Cod was a regular stop for you on 4 of those trips
  • 2 trips to Texas to see your grandparents there (and numerous visits from them to San Diego)
  • you’ve seen the Golden Gate Bridge, Monterey Aquarium, and several hours of the Pacific Coast Highway
  • you’ve swum in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean (and a few fresh water ponds in Cape Cod)
  • you can count to 20 in two different languages and count to 10 in a third
  • at only 16 months, you could correctly identify all the letters of the alphabet
  • you can say your ABCs in both English and French
  • you can run really fast
  • you never want to get off of the swings at the playground
  • you’ve been to Sea World, the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and Disneyland
  • one of your first (and favorite) words was “outside” – for good reason – you love to be outside
  • you can sing several songs start to finish
  • your favorite foods are oatmeal, yogurt, “yummy” bears (also known as vitamins), and pancakes
  • you’ve discovered rock and roll
  • you know all your colors
  • you had your first trip to the emergency room (sadly, we don’t have a video from this evening)
  • you’ve starred in a (minor) motion picture trailer
  • you’ve become very curious, taking things apart and putting them back together
  • you’re a great dancer
  • you’ve been boating
  • you’ve walked around our block at least a hundred times
  • you love water
  • you can play the guitar
  • you always stop and smell the flowers
  • you’ve almost mastered the downward-facing dog (see below)
  • you have a great sense of humor
  • you’ll be a great big brother!

Most of all, you’ve made your mother and me laugh out loud every single day for the past two years.  Your smile is infectious, your dance moves unmatched, and your love for others an example for us all.  As Daniel Tosh would say, “and for that, we thank you.”

Here’s to another great year.  Happy birthday, buddy.

Love always,


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