Borders CEO Bids Farewell to Customers

In my email inbox this morning I found the following letter from Borders CEO Mike Edwards.  What are your thoughts on the failure of Borders to survive in today’s economy?
P.S.  Sales start today, so I might be swinging by Borders Mission Valley one last time to see what they have.

2 thoughts on “Borders CEO Bids Farewell to Customers

  1. While this letter made me so sad, I’m partly to blame. I can’t remember the last time I purchased a book from them now that I own my Kindle. I have many fond memories of drinking coffee curled up in a chair in the corner of the store with a pile of books in front of me. A part of me is sad thinking about a future without that, yet part of me is thinking of the number of trees saved… So I’m torn, I guess?!

    • I never spent a ton of time in bookstores (that’s probably evident from most of my “writing”), but I’ve always enjoyed browsing. I was there with my 1-year-old and jokingly told him to take a good last look. I do hope that there are at least some bookstores left by the time he’s able to enjoy them.

      These stores were massive, so maybe there’s a better business model which combines online and brick-and-mortar in a more efficient way.

      Change is part of life, I guess. We’ll see the end of more businesses and trends, just as the new ones pop up. We’ll just never get used to it.

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