Never Eat Alone: Who Wants to Join Me?

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, or if you’ve been lucky enough to meet me in person <grin>, you know that I definitely value my personal and professional network.  Twitter, for example, has opened doors for me that I couldn’t have imagined.  I continue to meet and converse with so many incredible people that I wouldn’t have otherwise known.  Call me a fan.

So I started thinking this past week about how life always seems to get in the way of keeping up with some people.  Even some of my best friends I don’t see very often and I regret falling out of touch with those who live outside of San Diego.  Facebook has made it too easy to feel connected to others without much (if any) real-life social interaction.

For these reasons, I’m making a concerted effort to reach out and reconnect with my network these days.  I’m also interested in meeting some of the folks I’ve conversed with on Twitter, but haven’t had the privilege of meeting in person yet.  In connection with that, I’d like to have a standing lunch appointment with anyone who would like to join me every Wednesday.  Topics of conversation may include marketing, technology, career moves, music, travel, kids, family, or all the above.

Author's note: actual lunch venue may vary... do they even have these places anymore?

Author Keith Ferrazzi has a book out from a few years back called Never Eat Alone.  The title pretty much sums up the idea for me.

So here’s a link (I’m experimenting with Google calendar appointments) for you to let me know you’d like to join me:

Or you can just reach out on Twitter or leave a comment below to say hello.  I’m hoping this will eventually become a group thing – not with any specific agenda or purpose other than networking.

For now, who’s with me?


4 thoughts on “Never Eat Alone: Who Wants to Join Me?

  1. This is a FANTASTIC idea! When I was a recruiter, I had three jobs: Staffer, recruiter, and marketing manager. We swapped roles every week. Every third week, when I was wearing my marketing hat, Rule #1 in our office was NEVER eat alone. I had lunches booked Monday through Friday. That was the only way to ensure that the next two weeks on the interview and placement side of the business were productive. I never thought to duplicate this model on a social media level. GREAT idea, John!

    • Thanks for the perspective, Sugar. As I contemplate my next career move, it’s been enormously helpful to simply connect with people in my network. It’s more work than just sitting at my desk having a sandwich (and more expensive!), but I hope to keep this trend going.

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