Where I’m From

So from time to time, I figure I’ll throw in a blog post about what I’m up to in my off-time (not that I get too much of it). Recently, I traveled with my wife and son back to my hometown to visit my parents, who still live in the house where I grew up.  It’s pretty cool to think that my Dad did most of the construction work by himself on his days off from fighting fires in Dallas.

Even though I lived there for as long as I can remember before going away for college, I still notice new and interesting things each time I go back.  Most of what I found, I re-discovered when I looked up –  ceilings, roofs, and more.  Here’s a look.

*Please note:  I don’t mind if you use these photos for other projects – would only ask that you provide proper attribution.  Thanks.*

Tin Roof on the Garage

Pressed Tin Ceiling Throughout the Family Room

Barn Loft Doors

Etched glass of our signatures when the house was built in '84

My parents must have had a thing for pressed tin - here's another type in the master bath

Rain barrel at the corner of the house

Wood burning stove and brick hearth

We used real railroad ties just as we found them

Here's an old soda box on the back porch

Our old bikes - mine is the blue Huffy second from the left. Rad!

What do you think?  Want to come for a visit?


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