Best Year of My Life

Today marks the end of the best year of my life as we celebrate the first birthday of my son Will.  I started my blogging adventure here back in September with a post about the first half of my year as a father.  Now, after the second half of that year, I’m even happier.

Like any parent, I’m very proud of my son’s accomplishments thus far: words like “Dada, Mama, juice (pronounced – jsshh), Dog, teeth (sseeth), and all done.”  Crawling fast, standing on his own, clapping, waving, walking with some help, and understanding things like combing his own hair and feeding himself.  It’s been amazingly fun to watch his development.  Of course, he’s the smartest (and cutest) 1-year-old ever.  <grin>

I’m grateful that I have a job with a fair amount of flexibility, allowing me to spend a lot of time with my boy.  I’m grateful for my wife’s experience with children and her patience with me.  I’m grateful for all the well wishes, advice, and time spent with our family.

I’m ready for the year that lies ahead – with more milestones, new words, and lots of laughs.

We’ve already gotten so many great gifts for Will.  Thanks to Senator John McCain who sent birthday wishes our way this week.

Birthday wishes from Sen. John McCain

Special thanks to our parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends old & new, and everyone who has been a part of our family’s adventure this year.

Happy First Birthday, Will!


4 thoughts on “Best Year of My Life

  1. You are such a great Dad and husband. God has truly blessed all three of you with a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing the growth of your precious little boy with the rest of our family. Much love to you Dani and Will. Aunt Lin

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