How to Add the Facebook “Like” Button to your WordPress Blog

This was super easy.  I was able to add the Like button to the Rock Out Karaoke (San Diego’s first and best live band karaoke!) website within a matter of minutes following some easy steps.

*Please note that (as I understand it) you must have a hosted site, not the free version to use this, or any, plugins.

1.  First, you must find the plugin you’d like to use.  I found the “fblikeplugin” to be pretty easy, but to be honest, I didn’t do too much looking around after I saw the recommendation from Search Engine Land’s blog.

2.  Next, download the application and save the file (hint: remember where your downloads go – or save it to your desktop).  This is a .zip file, but don’t let that scare you – you won’t have to do anything with the actual file except upload into WP.

3.  Go to your WP dashboard and click on “Plugins” on the left hand navigation.  Click “Add new” and then “upload” along the top.

4.  Select the .zip file you downloaded, and then click “Install Now.”

5.  You should now have the plugin installed.  Go take a look at your site and recent posts to verify. Pretty easy, huh?

One thing I noticed were the defaults put the button both above and below your content.  You can edit the default settings and do some minor tweaking of the plugin by clicking on “Settings” and then finding “FBLikeButton” on the left hand navigation.

As far as plugins go, this is one of the easiest I found – and very likely one of the most useful.  So do you “like” any of Rock Out Karaoke’s recent blog posts?


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